Love is a law that operates in such a way, that you and I cannot dictate to it, we can only blend with it.

Bob Moore


The International School of Spiritual Psychology was founded to promote high quality education and professional practice in the fields of meditation and inner growth.

In the Netherlands, the training is certified by the CPION, which assesses and registers postgraduate education. ISSP is also registered with the CRKBO.

Robert Moore. 1928-2006


The origins of ISSP are found in the teachings of the late Robert (Bob) Moore. Born in Ireland and originally a cleric, Robert Moore devoted his life to research and teaching the areas of meditation and spiritual healing in Denmark.

Robert Moore had a highly developed ability to perceive, which means he could tell exactly how energy was flowing or stagnating in a person. The theme of human energies is an extensive subject, and Robert Moore developed an effective and accelerating mix of theory and practice that he passed on to his students.

Robert Moore was particularly keen to forge a link between traditional medicine and the science of healing in his teaching; and the large number of doctors and people with a medical background appears to be proof that his attempts are successful. For over 40 years, he researched the anatomy, physiology and psychology of the subtle energy body (including chakras, auras, meridians); and worked with various forms of meditation, healing and consciousness development. This combination has led to a profound and valuable teaching.

Bart ten Berge

Bart ten Berge

Bart ten Berge attended several decades of training with Robert Moore. This, he integrated with his training as a medical and homeopathic doctor and clinical psychologist in order to evolve his own seven year training in healing and inner growth, known world-wide as the Healing Principle Education.

In 2012, a group of Bart’s graduate students who had become teachers of the Healing Principle in their own right, grouped together in order to form a school. In 2012, they won formal accreditation of the healing education under the name: The International School of Spiritual Psychology (ISSP). As such, the Healing Principle education is now also taught in Holland as the education in Spiritual Psychology.